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Recent Success Combining Single Cell Sequencing with AI/Advanced Analytics

17 Jun 2020, 11:00:00 Eastern Time (ET)

Single cell sequencing has transformed our ability to discern the cellular and molecular makeup of human immune systems and tissues. The size and complexity of the data sets generated requires the application of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to reveal the signal contained within. The marriage of scRNAseq + AI has been shown to identify rare cell populations/subtypes and provide novel insights about disease diving pathways. The ability to better understand human disease etiology has transformational impact for the biopharma industry.

In this webinar, please join the invited guest speakers as they discuss how the combination of single cell RNAseq and Artificial Intelligence can reveal causal biology and aid the understanding of disease mechanisms. The presenters will explain how the generation and analysis of this data is key to business strategy and the challenges and success they have experienced in applying these technologies together.


Thomas W. Chittenden, PhD, DPhil, PStat Chief Data Science Officer, Genuity Science

 Thomas W. Chittenden, PhD, DPhil, PStat Thomas W. Chittenden, PhD, DPhil, PStatProfile Pic

Gregory Ryslik, PhD, FCAS, MAAA Chief Data Officer, Celsius Therapeutics

Gregory Ryslik, PhD, FCAS, MAAAGregory Ryslik, PhD, FCAS, MAAAProfile Pic

Robert Deans, PhD CSO, Synthego

Robert Deans, PhDRobert Deans, PhDProfile Pic