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Our Partnership Model

Why Collaborate with Genuity Science

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Return of high-quality multi-omic research datasets generated in CAP accredited facility with secure and GDPR-compliant research dataset management

Research Empowerment

Research Empowerment

Returned datasets can be used in academic research and publications also assisting preparation of funding applications with Genuity Science as an industry partner

Bioresource Development

Bioresource Development

Support in development of new bioresources, expansion of existing resources or launching of prospective studies with operational, financial and technical

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

Access to technical expertise and analytical support from our cross-functional team including; Bioinformaticians & Genomic Analysts, IT & AI experts, Clinical Researchers, Project Managers and Legal, Ethics & Privacy Experts

Genuity Science working in partnership with Nashville Biosciences

The agreement provides use of extensive real world clinical data and clinical research samples across multiple high priority disease areas.

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Collaborate with Us | Use Cases

HeartBeat Trust

The HeartBeat Trust is an Irish charity supporting specialist clinical and research services in heart failure and its prevention in Ireland. The Trust supports a screening programme service called STOP-HF which is aimed at the early detection and prevention of heart failure. Genuity Science and the HeartBeat Trust have collaborated in a research programme to discover more about how genomics and multi-omics influence heart failure and the progression of the patient through the various stages. We aim to identify biomarkers of progression and prevention that will lead to new diagnostic tools and new therapeutics, especially in subtypes of heart failure where there are none.

Modality Partnership

The largest primary care group in the UK Modality Partnerships have collaborated with Genuity Science on our complex disease studies. The focus is on specific medical conditions where there is an indication of a genetic or inherited link to the condition. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) will be performed to allow us to better understand the genetic variants that influence disease risk, effects and treatment.

Working together

Hospital, Academic and Clinical Research Centers (Ireland)
Emory University (US)
Nashville Biosciences (US)
Primary Care Centers (UK)

University of Cambridge (UK)
University of Massachusetts Medical Center (US)
University of Southern California (US)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Yale University Medical Center (US)