Deeply committed to
data stewardship

We are globally committed to the responsible use of genomic data: safe, secure and compliant

Our commitment to you

At Genuity Science, we believe that being entrusted with the genomic data of our research participants and partners is a privilege.

We recognize our responsibility to implement the very highest standards in ethics, trust and security. This responsibility informs everything we do.

Our ongoing commitment is to maintain the security, privacy and quality systems policies and protocols necessary to ensure that all data in our stewardship is comprehensively protected and secured.

Our approach to data stewardship

Privacy by Design:

All our products and processes are designed with privacy at their core and the Data Privacy Team are integrally involved in each of those design processes.

Data Privacy Champions:

Each department has a Data Privacy Champion who co-ordinates regularly with our Data Privacy Team to ensure effective data oversight and management.

Regular Personnel Training:

All our personnel are required to undergo regular training on relevant data privacy legislation.

Our Global Data Stewardship Program Pillars

Data Privacy
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Data Storage and Security
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Quality Systems
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Ethical Use of Data
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