Nuala Ryan joins the Genuity Precision Healthcare Initiative Strategic Advisory Board

Genuity Science is delighted to announce the addition of independent healthcare consultant and patient expert, Nuala Ryan, to our Strategic Advisory Board for the Genuity Science Precision Healthcare Initiative. The Board, established in 2019, provides broad spectrum advice on shaping the company’s strategy for the application of large-scale genomics population studies in Ireland and beyond. As a graduate of IPPOSI’s Patient Education programme, Nuala brings her patient expertise to Genuity’s SAB. As a survivor of BRCA1 associated breast cancer and the parent of a son with a rare genetic syndrome (NCBRS), Nuala has a strong interest in genetic causation of disease. Nuala has extensive board experience across the clinical and non-clinical arena and most recently was appointed to the board of NCBRS. Together with Abby Langtry, Genuity’s Director of Patient Advocacy and Community Engagement, Nuala will help guide our patient engagement activities starting with the establishment of Genuity’s Participant Advisory Board as a top priority.