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Single Cell Sequencing: Transform Your Immunology and Cancer Research from Bulk to Single Cell Analysis

27 May 2020, 10:00:00 Eastern Time (ET)

Single cell sequencing has transformed our ability to discern the cellular and molecular makeup of human immune systems and tissues in a unique manner with a level of precision that other “omic” technologies are unable to provide. Coupled with rigorous analysis, this technology is able to identify rare cell populations/subtypes and provide novel insights about pathways and thus transform our ability to characterize human disease, as well as, drug targeting through a deeper understanding of underlying biology.

Single cell RNA sequencing, in particular, allows a researcher to identify complex heterogeneous cell types at a molecular level. For infectious disease research, single cell data analysis helps us understand our immune system responses to different pathogens. In cancer studies, this means a deeper understanding of the ecosystems of malignant cells; providing better resolution of the tumor microenvironment. This ultimately helps to more efficiently and effectively treat diseases by different modalities such as cell-based and immuno-therapies.

In this webinar, speakers discuss the advantages and challenges of single cell sequencing and how this technology has helped deliver a deeper understanding of disease and cellular biology in unique and complementary ways to other omics technologies.

Note: This webinar was recorded prior to our name change, learn more about that here.


Hongye Sun, PhD Scientific Fellow, WuXi NextCODE

Jeffrey Wallin, PhD Sr. Director Biomarkers, Gilead Sciences

Jeffrey Wallin, PhDJeffrey Wallin, PhDProfile Pic

Rosha Poudyal, PhD Science & Technology Advisor, 10x Genomics

Rosha Poudyal, PhDRosha Poudyal, PhDProfile Pic