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Using the GORpipe genomic query language: “many small sharp tools” for big data analysis

11 Oct 2017, 12:00:00 Eastern Time (ET)

The genomic ordered relational (GOR) query language was originally developed for analysis of large-scale sequencing data generated from 350k genomes, resulting in over 500 publications. Genuity Science (formerly known as WuXiNextCODE) released the GORpipe query tool for non-commercial users, as featured in Bioinformatics (2016 Oct 15; 32:3081-3088). In this webinar, we will demonstrate how GORpipe can be used to analyze real genomic data from the command line to annotate and filter sequence variants, find genomic overlap between various genomic features, and interface with R and Python. Join us as we showcase a workflow for bioinformaticians to conduct their own genomic analyses using this highly flexible tool on their local machine.


Mark Hartman, PhD Application Scientist