for population scale

Robust tools for mining massive genomic datasets and advanced statistical analysis

Cohort Analytics Platform

Proven on over two decades of population genomics, Genuity Science’s platform has a long history of solving the challenges of genomic big data. At the core of the platform is the Genomically Ordered Relational Database (GORdb) – the architecture of which was originally designed at deCODE in order to address the challenges of scalability and flexibility.


Ingest and query next-generation sequencing (NGS) data at biobank scale. A genomically ordered architecture gives researchers the freedom to query the genome in real-time.


Unified platform for both genomic and phenotypic data. Stratify cohorts, segment cases and controls, and perform clinicogenomic analysis using longitudinal clinical attributes.

Suite of Workflows

Integrated set of workflows for use cases ranging from carrier analysis to cohort-wide association studies. Built for reproducibility and scale on top of Nextflow and Kubernetes.

Reference Datasets

Harmonized and updated quarterly: clinical knowledge bases, allele frequencies, disease ontologies, public association studies, gene nomenclatures, QTLs.


R and Python software development kits (SDKs) easily downloadable as packages. Call the RESTful APIs of GORdb directly from RStudio and Jupyter Notebooks.

Jupyter Notebooks

JupyterHub cluster deployed out of the box as part of the cloud instance. Enables ad hoc scripting via the API for downstream analysis and interactive visualization.

Sequence Miner

Desktop app for exploring and analyzing cohorts.

Workflow User Interface

Run cohort-wide, WGS-scalable workflows at the click of a button! A suite of predefined genomic queries and statistical algorithms with customizable parameters at your fingertips.

Genome Browser

Scroll through the genome in real-time to view sequence reads, variants, and coverage information. Bring your top hits to life with interactive Manhattan plots and functional annotation tracks.

Query Editor

Syntax-aware editor for running ad-hoc queries on genomic and tabular data. Easily filter tables of results and run predefined annotations to dig deeper downstream.

Built on Open Source

GORpipe is the tool at the heart of the platform responsible for the analysis of large genomic and phenotypic tabular datasets. Its declarative query language runs on top of a parallel execution engine.