Biologically-Validated AI

A pioneering approach with purpose-built AI designed to advance biological science - trained on multi-omic and phenotypic data, led by the top minds
in AI globally.

Discover new, actionable insights

Our AI Lab is led by Top 100 AI Leader and Chief Technology Officer, Tom Chittenden, PhD, DPhil, PStat. The AI Team applies our proprietary, domain-specific Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to reveal novel patterns and causal dependencies to advance biological understanding.

Our approach uncovers new and actionable insights from the exponentially growing pool of genomic and phenotypic data in precision medicine. Our capabilities speed genomic research as well as drug discovery, design, and development, including optimal clinical trial design.

Reproducible results

Our process is transparent and reproducible, making biological interpretation possible.

Gene level interrogation

Our proprietary AI approach enables translation from gene cluster models to specific genes/pathways that most strongly drive classifications.

Novel pathway elucidation

Our AI approach can reveal novel disease pathways that represent new potentially effective drug targets.

3 members of Genuity Science's AI and deep learning team

Available Services

AI for Genomics

We provide leading-edge data analysis that allows you to:

  • Identify driver genes in molecular pathways to design new drugs or diagnostics
  • Leverage pathogenic variants to identify previous undiagnosed patient sub-types
  • Classify/diagnose patients based on genomic markers
  • Discover indicators of progression or survival within and across diseases

Deep Learning for Single Cell RNAseq Data Analysis​

  • Unsupervised analysis to identify cell clustering​
  • Cell differentiation analysis​

Better insights through:​

  • Feature learning and dimensionality reduction​
  • Machine and deep learning for feature ranking​
  • Causal inference for driver gene prediction​
  • Natural language processing for biological context​