Trendspotting: What’s Coming For Bio-IT In 2021

Leaders from the Bio-IT World vendor community reported working hard to synthesize what 2020 brought us and apply those learnings to 2021. As they each made predictions in their own business areas, some themes arose.

Tom Chittenden, Chief Data Science Officer, Genuity Science

AI will take its lumps in other industries. It is vital healthcare not to get tarred with the same brush. Although AI is expanding our understanding of biology at the cellular level, there will be failures along the way in other sectors (video deep fakes, maligned bots, not really autonomous cars, etc.). But AI is helping uncover life-saving discoveries (as we noted in a recent aortic aneurysm paper) and improve disease treatment research, data-collection analysis and more. By classifying human disease based on cellular data—like what is done with cancer—we can leverage this for other diseases. This approach is “disease-agnostic,” and can help advance our understanding of human biology.

Jeffrey Gulcher, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder, Genuity Science

More drug targets discovered using genetics will be launched into clinical trials: COVID has changed the trajectory of drug development; the industry has shown they can do it faster. But choosing the right human genetically-validated targets for drugs at the start will only help the clinical trial process. Why? Better targets at the start could save millions of dollars downstream. If you get it wrong at the start, it is wrong throughout the process.


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