Genuity pivot to focus their efforts on Covid-19 research

While the Covid-19 pandemic effectively put a halt to many organisations’ workflow, for others it forced research and development to turn in unexpected directions.

For several years the team at Genuity in Cherrywood, Dublin – previously known as Genomics Medicine Ireland – had focused their efforts on using genomics to advance and improve pharmacological interventions.

“Essentially, we provide our pharma customers with expertise to use population genomics to accelerate their drug development programs,” says David Kavanagh, director of clinical partnerships at Genuity.

By collaborating with universities and hospitals, the team at Genuity have been able to effectively reach distinct cohorts within healthcare systems.

“UCD would be one of our main partners in Ireland for our research programs,” says Kavanagh, “we have 11 different programs running there at present, including a Multiple Sclerosis program and an IBD program, patients who attend those clinics can volunteer to give a blood sample and the relevant data from that can be shared for the purpose of research”.

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