Irene Blat, PhD

Senior Director of Data Products & Analytics

Irene Blat leads the product and analytics strategy for our cohorts, platform and sequencing businesses. She brings 15 years of experience in genomics across academia, industry and IP law. Irene began her career at the Broad Institute where she helped launch the Connectivity Map, a database triangulating the link between gene perturbation, disease and function.

During her graduate studies at the Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, Irene investigated the role of genetic modifiers in the progression of lung and colorectal tumors. Her work led to the identification of the timing and spatial distribution of important genes in early and mature intestinal stem cell differentiation. She has since held a research role at Massachusetts General Hospital and later served as a Technology Specialist at the IP law firm Clark & Elbing. Irene holds a BS in Biology from Duke University and a PhD in Genetics from MIT.