Hongye Sun, PhD

Scientific Fellow

Hongye Sun is a Venture Partner for 6 Dimensions Capital and serves as a Scientific Fellow for Genuity Science. Hongye is the former CTO of WuXi NextCODE Genomics, Inc. where he joined from Life Technologies (now Thermo Fisher) in 2011. He established the WuXi Genome Center, the first CLIA-certified Next Generation Sequencing lab in China to integrate genomics into drug discovery, clinical development and personalized medicine. He was in charge of the technology development, operation and marketing and sales for the Genomic Business unit. After the merging of the Genomic Center with NextCODE Health in 2015, he served as the global CTO.

In 2018, he moved back to the US and served as CTO for Genuity Science (then known as WuXi NextCODE) and established the US lab for clinical testing and services. When at Life Technologies, he spent over ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area working on new sequencing technology development and managing a multi-disciplinary team including biophysicists, chemists, biochemists, nanofabrication engineers, optical engineers and software engineers to develop a real-time single molecule DNA sequencing technology. Hongye did his post-doctoral fellowships in chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard University and the University of Kansas and received his PhD from Peking University.