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We’re conducting a growing number of research studies across the island of Ireland. Please check back regularly as we will continue to add new areas of study over time.

Genuity Science's areas of research:

Complex Medical Conditions

Our complex disease studies focuses on specific medical conditions where there is an indication of a genetic or inherited link to the condition (details listed below by condition). For these disease-specific studies, eligible participants who would like to take part are enrolled in the research directly through their clinicians at the hospital site in Ireland where they are treated.

Rare Disorders

Our Rare Disease study focuses on children with undiagnosed disorders. For this study, parents with children registered with Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street in Dublin, Ireland, who have an undiagnosed disorder and who would like to enrol their child in our study may do so through their child’s clinician at the hospital site where they are treated.

General Participants

Our GenoFit study, for anyone living in Ireland, is examining the genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that impact fitness and health and is conducted in partnership with University College Dublin. If you would like to learn more about this study or book an appointment, you can find details at
This study is open to anyone 18 years or older and participants receive results of a mini fitness test at the conclusion of their free appointment.

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