February 26, 2019 –

Genuity Science to Offer TruSight Oncology 500 from Illumina

Genuity Science partners are gaining access to Illumina’s TruSightTM Oncology 500 (TSO 500), a comprehensive pan-cancer assay that identifies known and emerging tumor biomarkers.

TSO 500 offers deep, adaptable, and accessible sequencing power:

  • Comprehensive oncology testing: The TSO 500 covers gene alterations used to identify patients for clinical trials including 1.94Mb of the genome to measure tumor mutational burden (TMB).
  • Unlocks immunotherapy research: The highly accurate TMB and microsatellite instability (MSI) algorithms, with a dedicated tumor-only workflow, detect the majority of known genetic variants, whether small variants, gene amplifications, de novo fusions, or splice variants.
  • Integrated RNA+DNA workflow: Covering RNA and DNA biomarkers in one workflow lets labs evaluate multiple biomarkers at once. This tumor-only workflow enables cost savings, since there is no need to run a normal sample each time.

With the opening of a Genuity Science laboratory in Woburn, MA we are expanding our global lab footprint, which already includes Dublin, thereby empowering clinical trial/research testing around the world. Our US lab features a turn-around time of 7-10 calendar days from sample to data for the TSO 500 assay.

Genuity Science’s end-to-end platform includes industry-leading cohort sourcing, sequencing services, advanced analysis, and related tools and services to generate high-value strategic insights needed for diagnostic and drug development.

If you’re interested in using the TSO 500 panel for your next project, contact us at www.genuitysci.com/contact.

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