Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Advancing causal machine learning
to help solve human disease

Tackling some of the biggest challenges in medicine

We are developing novel causal artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and unconventional computing strategies to better understand  human biology – and then apply these to deliver better medicine and improve health for people around the world.

A leading AI/ML toolbox in human biology

Our AI team has a long track record of landmark advances in the application of machine learning and unconventional computing to human biology. Peer-reviewed and published, our innovative applications of five core pillars of know-how span a broad range of capabilities, diseases and challenges from drug discovery and development to digital medicine. These include:

  • Novel, in vivo-validated causal dependency models of the drivers of disease initiation and progression
  • Focused single-cell experimentation and generative AI/ML to identify aberrant cell populations driving disease
  • Automated disease classification for diagnostics, clinical trials and precision medicine
  • Novel natural language processing (NLP) and digital imaging know-how for phenomapping in clinical care
  • Pioneering applications of quantum approaches to human multiomics data, uncovering robust and replicable signals in small patient cohorts

A leading AI/ML toolbox in human biology

Advancing new methods and pathbreaking approaches

A pioneering approach with purpose-built AI designed to advance biological science - trained on multi-omic and phenotypic data, led by some of the top minds in AI globally.

Our approach aims to uncover new and actionable insights from the exponentially growing pool of genomic and phenotypic data in precision medicine. Our capabilities are designed to help speed genomic research as well as drug discovery, design, and development, including optimal clinical trial design.

We collaborate with institutions across the US & Europe

Boston Children’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Systems Biology Ireland
UMass Medical School
University of Oxford

University of Southern California
University of Strasbourg Medical Center
Washington University School of Medicine
Yale University Medical School