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Accelerating Discovery in CNS, Cardiometabolic and Inflammatory Disease

We support our clients to achieve more in their target & biomarker programs. Our expertise, curated & disease enriched clinco-omic cohorts, enable our clients to prioritize and accelerate discovery research & development.

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Our Applications

Target Discovery

Target Discovery

Identify novel targets with strong genetic evidence

Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Optimization

Validate candidate targets or biomarkers and focus investment

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Design better studies and enrollment criteria by identifying relevant sub-populations

Biomarker Discovery

Biomarker Discovery

Discover novel biomarkers that enable higher resolution disease stratification

Global Disease Datasets


Diabetic and Non-diabetic Nephropathy

Heart Failure

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Liver Disease


Multiple Sclerosis


Our Approach

Genuity Science brings purpose-driven data and genomic know-how to catalyze insights and drive better drug discovery decisions.

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Powered Datasets

We combine retrospective and prospective population-based disease-specific datasets powered for statistical significance to create a robust picture of disease providing stronger signals for clearer conclusions.

High-Quality Deeply Phenotyped Whole Genomes

Our high-quality whole genome sequence approach is coupled with deep phenotypic data fuelling our advanced analysis - taking insight a step further.


Our expertise in massive, population-scale datasets and deep learning methods is enhanced by expertise in the industry’s only data analysis platform built for population-scale genomics.

Longitudinal Data

Longitudinal insight illuminates disease progression over time for a more comprehensive picture of the disease.